Amateur drunk anal sex.

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Amateur drunk anal sex.

Again turning his attention to the massage of my shoulders and neck, Tony also began rubbing his chest against my back, forcing me against the wet shower wall.
His well-lubed, rigid cock was sliding between my cheeks, each stroke encountering my waiting hole with increasing accuracy and intensity. Dating diabetic man.
I arched my back to provide him better access, and his missile found its target, the head slightly penetrating me while he slowly pushed further.

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The tip of his thick, angular cock head felt glorious as it slowly worked its way into my ass. Dating bulgarian guy.
The earlier fucking from Dave and Chris had certainly loosened me up but my relatively inexperienced sphincter had closed and regained its tightness.
Tony moaned into my ear and kissed my neck as he applied more pressure, gently forcing the remaining shaft of his thick, eight-inch cock into me until I could feel his pelvis against my ass and his balls against mine.

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He withdrew about half-way and then re-entered fully, his cock pressing wonderfully on my prostate.
Tony established a slow, rhythmic pattern of withdrawal and reentry, each time pressing his muscular body harder against my back. Horny housewives online chat.
I was impaled on his amazing military-grade weapon and felt as if he had lifted me off my feet with his intense fucking.

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The steam of the shower, scent of the body oil and pounding of my ass were intoxicating. Funeral invocation prayer.
Tony pulled his arms up and around my shoulders in somewhat of a full nelson, now squat-fucking me while my legs dangled over his strong thighs.
Tony’s pace was quickening, his breathing getting heavy.
He was grunting as he thrust, and I could feel a low moan rising from within me. Chatonlinesex gratis.

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His cock head was perfectly stimulating my prostate and I knew I was going to cum without him even touching my dick.
Just then, Tony fully extended his legs, pinning me against the shower wall.
His chest pressed against my back, his hands now gripping my waist and pulling me even tighter to him as he released his hot seed deep into my ass with several forceful blasts. How to date older irun women.
My cock released, and I could feel my own cum dripping down my stomach.

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We were both panting as he whispered, “That’s exactly what I used to fantasize about in the service – encountering a hot stud in the showers and fucking like animals!” After catching my breath, and turned around and kissed him, and he hugged me tight. Free danish piss clips.
We moved back under the warm shower and lathered each other’s bodies.
I squatted down to take his half-erect cock in my mouth, giving it a post-orgasm tongue massage.

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We finished showering, toweled off, and went to re-join the party.