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Blue teens nude.

They were now stripping down, taking off their shoes, tops, and pants, folding the uniform neatly and stowing it into their bags.
Once everyone was ready and eagerly leaning forward in their seats, Ella stood up again, now only clad in a red lacy bra and black panties, coincidentally our school colors.

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She held a clipboard for the points limply at her side, a pen behind her ear, her long, straight black hair flowing down her back, lightly brushing her juicy ass.
Like I said, we are all in pretty good shape, but she was all muscle with a juicy ass and voluminous breasts, probably 36C’s at the least. Latin lover stripper.
She opened her mouth and bent over slightly to talk to the passengers.
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I noticed our bus driver for the night kept looking in the mirror at her.
“Okay! As always, guys will be blindfolded first, so let’s draw from the hat of seniors which guy will go first. Asian models picture post.
Drumroll please, Jack!” A boy stood up slightly and started beating the back of the seat until Ella closed her hand in the bands ‘stop playing’ signal.