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” “Good girl.
I’m usually proud of you Daisy,” Serena said.
I could see that the praise was unexpected and unusual, as Daisy’s eyes opened up like saucers, sparkling with pride.
She bowed her head and said, “Thank you, Mistress. Looking to eat mature pussy ass.
I am happy to be useful.
” Serena continued immediately, “Now you can resume your duties to Mistress Sonja.

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” “Yes Mistress.
” “Oh, Daisy, by the way, thank Mistress Sonja properly tonight, she saved you from your punishment.
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While she is here and you are temporarily assigned to her, you will obey her as if she was me; all of my previous instructions, apart from the house rules and duties, are lifted.
” I spotted a quick faint smile as Daisy moved towards me; she quickly composed herself and thanked Serena, then thanked me as well. Free web cams of women from arba.
In the short time that had passed since I had met Serena I could see that all her slaves loved her, and obeyed out of respect and love, more than fear.

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Also, they would not dare to upset her.
It was a pleasant evening, but soon after dinner I started to feel tired so Daisy escorted me to bed, helping me to shower and change into a large sized nightdress. Hi i m seekinga nice russian man only to be freinds.
She then sat herself on the stuffed chair ready for a night of watching over me.
“Daisy?” “Yes Mistress?” I sighed.
“What has happened to you? You seem colder, more professional compared to how you were earlier.

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” “I am sorry Mistress, but I have just been taught a lesson, I overstepped my role and you had to plead to Mistress Serena.
She can be dreadful if you cross her and I don’t want to get you into trouble.