Double anal sex cry.

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Double anal sex cry.

Each time his heavy ball sack slapped her ass, she felt his dick sink deep inside her.
Suddenly, her orgasm exploded, flooding her pussy with her juices as she screamed out, “Jaaames!” James was fighting with all his might to keep from cumming yet, trying to extend Rachel’s orgasmic pleasure as long as he could. Pda dating definition.

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Finally, as she was coming down from it, he pulled out and with a few strokes of his hand, shot his cum all over his girlfriend’s stomach, tits and face.
“Damn, babe,” Rachel laughed.
“I thought I sucked all that out earlier.
” As she said this, she scooped up some of his cum from her stomach and sucked it from her finger.
“Lover, I’ve always got more for you,” James said with a smile as he finished wiping his dick with a tissue and giving it a few strokes as a joking emphasis.
“Oh, get over here and hold me, you horny bastard,” Rachel said, laughing as she pulled him back to the bed where they cuddled long into the night.
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If you can stimulate my brain, My pussy gets so wet, it’s hard to explain.
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I love to chat with my lover, All sorts of sexy words said together.
The conversations are very hot, My pussy creams from my honey pot.

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