Erotic story former teacher disiplained.

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Erotic story former teacher disiplained.

But now that Christiana was out of hospital and back at work too, I felt bound to go home to Reading at the weekend if only to see her on the Sunday.
It was a very stilted meeting on our first coming together in our home. Sexy black graanies.
It was politeness carried to excess.
How are you now? Have you fully recovered from the accident?

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I’m sure you can gather how frosty the atmosphere was.

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We were polite to each other so much so that it bordered on the ridiculous, though it wasn’t funny to us at the time. Eyebrows facial hair.
That first night in bed together wasn’t a success either.
I couldn’t get it up and she wouldn’t go down on me to help.
It was in fact a disaster in the love making stakes, so I lay there wishing I was with Miki and she was probably wishing she was somewhere else too.
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Though we did manage to couple together over the next few months, we were much further apart than we were before the accident.
It also prompted me to do what I did in respect of Miki.
It came to me that I was no longer a husband to Christiana but rather I was a wife to Miki.