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“Come and fuck me,” I said softly.
” Bob looked down at me.
“I’m not sure I can just yet,” he said.
“Not after what your waitress friend did to me.
” “Beast.
” “But I’m sure I can work up an appetite. Black tight upskirt.
” He shook out the lashes of the whip.
“Oh, yes … please!” I said.
“I’m longing for it.
It’s so beautiful …” There was no point in pretending not to want it.

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Acting coy, and begging for mercy, could come later.
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“Do you have a corset with you?” he asked.
“Of course! Shall I put one on?” “Yes.
I think you’d look nice in a corset.
That would give me an appetite all right.
” I jumped off the bed and ran to the dressing-room. Miraelita mobile free sex video.
From the shelf where I had stored it I pulled out a little corset in white leather, designed to squeeze my waist cruelly while leaving my breasts and arse uncovered.

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It had a series of silver buckles down the front, but they were for decoration: the real constriction came from the long laces zig-zagging down the back. Pics nude mira sorvino.
It was a present from a lover who liked to see his girl bound as tightly as possible and to hear her squealing with pain—I mean pleasure.
Perhaps Bob had the same fetish.
I hoped so.
I fixed the pretty corset round me as best I could, then walked demurely back to Bob in my high-heels.

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“Please make it tighter,” I said shyly.
I turned my back, and gasped with delicious pain as his strong fingers pulled the laces tighter, ever tighter, round the metal hooks.
At last he was satisfied, and knotted the ends in a double bow. Brunette females in nielsville minnesota.
“May I see?” I asked in a little voice—my breath came only in tiny gasps now.