Lookin for a guy with a small dck.

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Lookin for a guy with a small dck.

I woke up the next day fully clothed and said to myself, “Was it just a dream or did the ghost of that man really fuck me?” I would never know until I met a familiar face the next day.
This is my first story and I hope you like it! Idris dating. There will be more parts to this.
Kim sat across from her friend, Vicky, and listened to her rant about Brian, her husband.

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She had known both Vicky and Brian for awhile.
Being neighbors, they spent a lot of time with Kim and her husband, Jerry. Mature tits nipples big areolae.
Since Brian worked nights, Vicky often came over on her days off and spent time with Kim.
“God! He’s always hounding me, Kim.
Why can’t he just accept that when I’m not in the mood for sex, then I don’t want to be fucked with?” Vicky said, in a huff.
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“I don’t know, Vic,” Kim mumbled.
Not entirely comfortable with this conversation, she hoped that if she showed disinterest, it would stop her friend from talking about her sex life, or lack of sex life. I need a mommy for mothers day.
For the last two years, it had been the same argument, and Kim was pretty sure that Vicky had not let her husband touch her once in the last two years.