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Oversizecock pakestani prant sekse xxxx.

“Oh my God Taylor, you are fucking incredible.
” I was taking long slow strokes letting his cock slide in and out of my mouth.
I thought to myself that his dick was fucking my mouth.
I was really enjoying having a dick in my mouth and the power it was giving me over Rick. Fuck friend salem.
I sucked harder and stroked his shaft till Rick’s body tightened up.

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“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” he yelled out.
His yell startled me.
I pulled my mouth off is dick just as he shot his load.
Some of his spunk hit my face but most of it splashed on my shirt. Ebony lips on white dick.
“Shit, it got it all over me,” I said looking down at the cum all over my Polo.
Rick jumped up and ran to the bathroom where he got me a towel to clean up.
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While he was getting the towel, I scooped up the drip that was on my chin and rather than wipe it off I put it in my mouth for a taste. Who is maiara walsh dating.
“Hmm, that was not the worst tasting thing in the world,” I thought.
Rich had his pants pulled up as I cleaned up.
“I should take you home; my mom will be home soon,” Rick said.
We drove home in silence; I was sure both of us were thinking about what we or really I had just done.