Scene atagliat.

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Scene atagliat.

Karl says he misses you terribly.
He says Dom is really irritable—well, more than usual—before games.
” She paused but Lani said nothing, just continued tapping her keyboard.
“Karl thinks it may be messing up Dom’s concentration. Nude audrina the hills.
He’s let in more goals than usual lately.
” “That’s not my fault.
” Lani went absolutely rigid and Dee realized what she had accidentally implied.

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“I know, Lani, I know,” she said quickly.
“That’s not what I meant.
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It’s just that he thinks you were good for Dom; that the two of you were good for each other.
” “I can’t help it if he’s in a slump,” Lani said almost harshly.
She knew, though.
She’d been following the team and had seen the goals, tracked the goals-against average.

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Dom was definitely slipping compared to earlier in the season.
Even knowing it wasn’t her fault—that she couldn’t stop the pucks getting through—she felt guilty.
Just like with Jason.
“I know.
” Dee perched on the edge of Lani’s desk.
“But you haven’t been yourself, either,” she pointed out gently.
“You’ve been disorganized, and you never are.