Seeking discreet foot fetish fun with married woman only.

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Seeking discreet foot fetish fun with married woman only.

I’d never felt quite so open.
It hurt in the best way.
With each jarring thrust, he’d pause and grind against me, so wet and intimate.
It took my breath away.
“You’re fucking perfection,” he hissed.
We fucked that way for a while, him holding me open, his hand finding my clit again and rubbing it until another orgasm spilled out of me. Senior swingers bath.

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He waited until I’d finished, the head of his cock just inside my snatch, his eyes drinking in the way I squirmed as he held my legs apart.
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Then he kissed me, even as I gasped, and pushed his cock deep inside me again. Tattooed short hair.
His hand pressed against me again and the breath whooshed out of me.
“Nate, it’s too much, please, you’re crazy!” His finger moved languorously, toying with my over-sensitive clit.
“C’mon, Lainey,” he coaxed. Stockings business.
“It’s been so long since we’ve been like this.
” His cock throbbed ominously inside me.

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His finger moved faster.
My legs trembled.
“I can’t,” I turned my head to the side.
“Don’t make me, don’t make me.
” He was breathing hard, his cock moving fast and slick. Sweetcat007 www one on one live sex came.
“Give it to me,” he growled.
“Just one, huh?” His fingertip pressed against my clit.
Everything throbbed.
I felt as though I might overheat.
“Oh, god, don’t make me!” “I want you to come harder than you’ve ever come before.

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For me.
” He caught my chin, made me look at him.
I could have drowned in his eyes.
“Okay?” His finger moved in tight circles, his brow furrowed in concentration.
I felt it build, impossible and yet essential. Hot nude and sexy shridevi.
Nothing else mattered.
It was just me and him.
Locked so tight together, his cock inside me, his fingers working me, his mouth stealing my breath.

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I came, my hand around his wrist, still trying to pull his fingers away. Thai ladies dating ad contact.
Nothing had ever felt so physical.
My eyes closed, hips lifting and pushing against him as he thrust into me.
It tipped him over the edge.
“Fuck!” His long groan was muffled somewhere in my shoulder.
It felt as though we were just bodies. Altus oklahoma funeral homes.
Working each other.
Twisting and sweating and jerking.

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We gasped shamelessly, almost panting and lay there, falling back into life.