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Squirtcz anonymoussex chat.

“Hi, I’m Ian and I was told there was a package here for me.
” “Hello, yes it did arrive.
Let me get it for you.
” The woman looked at me with a sly smile and turned around to get the package off the back counter. Patrick sexy tera.
She handed it to me still smiling.
As I walked away, I noticed the box had been opened.
I got in the elevator and was trying to figure out why the box needed to be opened.

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I saw that the shipping label had my name cut off.
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So the front desk only saw my first name.
They had to open the box to see the packaging slip with my full name, which was attached to the clear wrapped dildo.
I really got quite a rush and I felt really kinky knowing the cute girl at the front desk knew what I had ordered. Live hot webcams.
I only had about an hour before my escort friend was coming over.
I had to give myself a thorough enema.

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After that, I took a shower.
I really didn’t have much time to play with my new toy.
But, I did take it out of the package and was just amazed on how thick it really was. Emo and interracial porn.
I couldn’t even imagine how this was going to feel up my ass.
It was very exciting and I could feel my cock stirring.
It really looked like a real cock.
It was spongy yet firm.
It was beautifully crafted with a nice mushroom head.

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I washed it with warm water and soap.
While I was just stroking it, my cock was semi hard.
After I cleaned it, I kissed and licked it.
Then I sucked on it and I was getting so aroused.
My phone then rang and my friend was in the lobby. Foot fetish archive.
I told her I would come downstairs to get her.
She and I have played a number of times together, but we’ve never fucked.