Who is trey parker dating.

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Who is trey parker dating.

Of course we said yes.
By this time it had become clear who’d be with who as the chicks asked us for our cell phone numbers.
They grabbed their phones out of their bags by their beach towels and stood in front of the guy they were interested in. Free sign up webcam sexy.
The lighter haired girl, Steffi, got my number and then used a pen to right her name and hotel room number on my arm.

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Gina, the tall big boobed girl was doing the same with Vic and Carla, the short girl got Chip’s number and wrote on his arm.
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The girls said they’d run up to their room and put on some shorts and to meet them in the parking lot.
We found them and all of us piled into Steffi’s old Ford Explorer.
We finally found a seafood restaurant and waited in line to be seated. Jerry_miller chat travestis cam.
We had a great time with them, ate dinner and& drank a few pictures of beer.
The girls had grown up together in New Jersey and shared an apartment together, and worked part-time as waitresses while they went to school.

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Steffi and Gina went to their town’s local community college in Jersey and Carla was attending a nursing school there.
We asked if her tattoos would be a problem as a nurse and she said that wearing scrubs will cover all that and that her mom is a nurse and has tattoos also. Cfnm job.
These girls were really interesting and very different from the spoiled rich prima donas that were our girlfriends at UGA.

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The girls wanted to go back to their room to clean up and change before hitting the clubs. Erotic stories pubescent.
We went back to the motel and they told us to pick them up at their room in an hour and half.
When we knocked on their door, they came out in these really hot sexy wild, emo type outfits.
All three were wearing obscenely short low waisted ruffled skirts, their brightly colored lacy thong panties pulled up high showing over the top of the skirts and they each wore different brightly colored thigh high fishnet stockings that matched their exposed panties and had on tall wedge shoes.

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Steffi and Carla wore lacy bras underneath these ultra sheer shirt type things that barely covered their bras and wore these ultra sheer frilly fingerless gloves.