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Women and men usaxxx.

But, thinking about it, I suppose that it was a fair enough description.
I wasn’t an Adonis or an Arnold Schwarzenegger, by any means, but I kept in shape and had a flat stomach and well defined pecks.
I hit the gym two or three times a week for weight-training and ran about five miles a day, too. Fetish pictures of the nebraska volleyball team.

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My regimen had kept my body as hard, or a bit harder, than when I was in college.
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With brown hair and hazel eyes I didn’t have a particularly “Nordic” look, even though I come from Northern European stock. Mature bbw new york del.
One of my best features above my belt was my smile and I had used it extensively in my college days to snare quite a succession of lovely ladies into my bed! I smiled at the sudden recollection of one of those ladies flat on her back, legs in the air, giggling while I pounded her tight, co-ed pussy.

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I heard her exclamation echo in my mind like it was yesterday; “You have the dreamiest smile and the hardest cock!” As I recall, I fucked that girl a number of times after I hooked her with my “dreamy” smile. Horny wives.
Perhaps they came back for the smile, but just maybe they came back for the cock.
In those days I was always wondering how I “stacked up” to other guys; but as I matured, I realized that there was more to a good fuck than just dick size, even though I know now that I am somewhat above average in that department.

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My dick is both fatter and longer than most.
I stepped into the shower and the hot streams of water shooting out of the double showerheads hit my body.
The water cascaded down my flanks and cock which hung lazily between my thighs. Naked chi from chobits pics.
The movement of the water over my body felt good.
I stuck my head under the jets of water and let the hot needles work their magic on my scalp.

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I opened my eyes and looked down at my cock.
It was in need of a shave, I decided. Midget women anal porn women.
I grabbed my shaving gel and shot a blob of blue gel into the palm of my hand.
I rubbed it generously on my pubic area and over my cock and ball sack, working it up to a great lather.
My dick stiffened a bit with the attention, making it easier to shave. Sexy dating web templates.
I deftly guided my twin-bladed razor over my pubic area, sweeping it clean of any prickly stubble.

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I then grabbed cock, now fairly hard, and shaved the shaft clean, as well as the tricky part where the shaft merges with the pubic mound. Laurios hd webcam video chat adults only.
Once that was smooth, I moved to my ball sack.
Getting it freed of stubble was the toughest part of the shave routine, but after a thorough scraping, my fingers couldn’t detect anything but smooth scrotum. Wifes italian suck dick orgy.

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I turned the razor loose on my face and scraped it clean too; “after all,” I thought to myself; “don’t want any stubble to rub J’s legs raw when I eat her pussy tonight, right?” I threw some shampoo on my hair and lathered it up. Skinny russian girl public sex.
Just then I heard Ruby making noises in the bedroom.
Damn it! “Ruby! Be Good!” I called out.
“I’ll be out of the shower in a minute.
” My eyes were screwed up tight against the shampoo lather running off my head, and the roar of the shower made it hard to discern the nature of Ruby’s shenanigans, so I jumped a bit when I heard a voice say; “Ruby; Daddy’s right, be good.