Asian character tattoos.

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Asian character tattoos.

My prick pulsed and my helmet expanded until it couldn’t contain the surging heat.
Andrea’s hand was tugging at my flesh determinedly and she removed my cock from her mouth.
“Come on baby.
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” She milked me expertly and spunk exploded from my shaft.
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It stretched from her cheek to her hair and was joined by the second salvo.
I sat there and watched my spunk decorate the make up she was wearing, but that didn’t stop her.
Her lips clamped on my pumping prick and she began swallowing the remains of my ejaculation. Fetish male nipple.
Her throat constricted each time more sperm was released until my orgasm finally receded.
Without waiting, my temptress moved forward and grabbed hold of my chin.

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She opened her mouth and showed me my white hot cream, and then made a show of swallowing my seed.
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Now it’s your turn.
” Without hesitation, she stood up, hiked her skirt past her hips and moved forward.
She grabbed my hair and pulled my head backwards until it banged against the elevators wall.
A pair of sheer panties blocked my view of anything else and as the sodden garment moved closer.

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Her arousal filled my nostrils.
The soaking wet gusset was placed against my mouth and I greedily began licking at the soft material.
As my tongue rasped over the fabric I could feel the outline of her pussy, especially when she started grinding her sex into my mouth.
“That’s it Ziggy, Mama likes it right there.