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Nellie had hissed, ‘Not here, not with everyone watching!’ but had misinterpreted his intentions.
He had proffered a ring, which Nellie proudly displayed to us and made his offer.
It was, apparently, whoops all round, lots of laddish behaviour and a good time was had by all. This is dating.
‘We used to call Cassandra the “good time that was had by all,”’ said Donna sardonically.

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I kicked her under the table and rose to hug my congratulations to Nellie who, inexplicably, started to cry.
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A few weeks later there was a party to celebrate the engagement. Rupert sanders dating.
There is a posh hotel in Queens Square which was the venue and it was evening dress and bubbles.
Now, it has to be said that in our household evening dress was a rather complex affair.
As I believe I have revealed hitherto, Donna is a deliciously androgynous woman, by no means butch, perhaps in the manner of Noomi Rapace, when she played The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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Donna favoured trousers over frocks for herself but was not sure it would be suitable for the occasion.
My choice was naturally simpler.
A quick flit with Donna to the charity shop, a long, gunmetal grey silk number with a crimson slash across the boobs, straps like spaghetti over the shoulders and a fullish skirt did the trick and only ?60. Mature foot in face.
We dallied happily in the shops to find something for Donna and eventually settled on a long split skirt, a sort of Jane Austen riding skirt in the darkest blue, with a white silk shirt and red tie.

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‘I look like the fucking Union Jack,’ she complained but I think my reaction to her appearance gave her the assurance that she looked fabulous. Onlinenichedating com.
I won’t go into detail about my reaction, suffice to say we were a bit sweaty afterwards.
Her outfit was completed with a jacket which matched the tie and a pair of beautiful soft boots with faux spur straps. Stocking foot job asian wank.

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I wore heels and, to top it all off, a veiled hat.
I will go into some detail here.
The hat, another charity shop purchase, had been in the back of my wardrobe for some time.
Donna had discovered it one evening while searching for her vibrator. Expirationdating net.
She had returned to bed with both items, plonked said hat on me, assumed a lustful, wolfish countenance, pronounced it the ‘fucking hat’ and had proceeded to do precisely that.

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If I felt initially silly wearing a hat and nothing else, I soon forgot it as Donna gently eased the ‘buzzcock,’ as she called it, into a certain haven and kissed me with her hunger aroused. Bisexual pride day.
It was Donna who dictated I should wear the hat and, of course, required the stockings as per usual.
Thus adorned we arrived at the party.