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As I reached around to pinch her nipples with one hand I felt a tongue licking my ball sack, and fingers teasing my butt crack.
Abby had joined in, wriggling between my thighs from underneath.
She was kissing my balls and licking Vi’s pussy and my cock as it slid in and out of Vi’s coochie. Sex chat nl gratis.
Then Abby started rubbing Vi’s clit with one hand whilst she rubbed her own pussy with the other.

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It was too much.
With a frantic series of thrusts I pinched Vi’s nipples and felt my arousal get to the point of no return. Somebody to fuck mclean ohio.
“Oh fuck me… I’m going to cum inside your hot wet pussy Vi!” “Fill me up handsome, I want to be dripping!” I could feel my ejaculation start deep in my balls, almost in slow motion but in real time it was far from slow. Novelty bikini t shirts.
I felt a lump of semen begin its journey into my shaft, along its length and then squirt inside Vi’s pussy.
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Abby’s tongue continued to lick my balls and shaft, lapping at the mixture of Vi’s pussy juices and my precum which was soon joined by sticky white semen erupting from the end of my cock and dribbling down from inside Vi’s cunt. Meganrain free videosexcam nosignup.
Vi spasmed and almost collapsed.
My hands gripped her hips and held her upright but pressed against the window.
Time after time my cock twitched and shot more cum into Vi’s pussy.

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I held her tight, my cock was so sensitive from the treatment it had received; it was almost painful. Xmlvalidatingreader sample.
I kissed the back of Vi’s neck and let go of her nipples.
Looking down I noticed Abby had cum again as well, squirting onto the carpet.
All three of us were hot and sweaty, the room smelt of pussy and cock and semen. Fuck buddies argentina.
My softening cock dropped out of Vi’s pussy which allowed even more cum to dribble out and run down her inner thighs, some of it dripping onto the carpet.

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“Satisfied Vi, we’ve made quite a mess hey?” I asked. Deepthroat until she pukes.
“Oh yes, quite a mess and yes I’m very satisfied for the moment Matty.
I can’t believe how sensitive I am, I think I need a break,” she replied very coyly.
Abby stood and walked into the bedroom and started getting dressed. Annny_blowjob massanger vidio call.
“Do you want a shower babe?” Vi asked.