Loongthick cockfor bad girls onlylike to ride.

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Loongthick cockfor bad girls onlylike to ride.

We were still newly weds and had only been married for a little over half a year but due to our work schedules and my shift work we had been struggling to find time or energy for each other.
She wrote to me: “Hey sweet sexy husband, Sorry I have been too busy to see you, I know your pent up and horny but we haven’t had much time to fool around so I made you something to help you get by until we both have time off.

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Check the computer… under videos…” I was dead tired but knew I wouldn’t be able to resist seeing what she had prepared for me.
I rushed to the laptop and set it up on the bed next to me. Peeing people picture.
As soon as I opened the video’s folder I could see she had made a movie for me.
I started up the clip.
The first thing that came into view was the bedroom, with my bed front and centre.
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Moments later my wife crawled up onto the bed. Maxinemi sexy ladies chat.
She was in her mid 20’s and was a tall brunette.
She has the most gorgeous curves, sexy full breasts, slim tiny waist and curvy round hips.
She has the classic 1950’s pin up girl look with perfect creamy white skin. Love sucking in santiago ixcuintla.
She was wearing a cute set of ivory coloured bra and underwear with light coloured patters on the corners.

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Her sweet perky breasts were oozing out of the top of them and I could see the undies riding up hi into the crevices of her butt cheeks. Armless girls porn videos.
She looked stunning and sexy as all hell.
She smiles at the camera in a sly fashion while she props herself up onto her knees facing the camera.
Her hands caress her breasts when she comments: “Well baby, I know you have been waiting so long for another kinky film.

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So I thought you deserved a naughty treat seeing as you have been so patient.
She continues to caress her breasts and body, letting her fingertips run over her covered nipples and then down over her sexy underwear over her pussy. Taboo japanese.
My eyes are glued and she has my full attention now.
I can feel my stomach twist a little with anxiety, and my mind begins to race as I wonder what she has in store for me.

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The anticipation is electric and my cock stirs instantly stiffening in my pants.