Valerie bertinelli.

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Valerie bertinelli.

“UUUHHH!” I hollered, and Heather knew I was extremely close to exploding! “Empty those big balls, Jimmy! Give me that hot sweet cream!” she urged me, and continued her dirty talk.
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OHHH, FUUUCCCKKK!” I cried out as loud as I could! The sensation began in my toes but quickly spread, overtaking my entire body! It was like every nerve ending was firing at once, and the wonderful euphoria of my orgasm swept over me like a giant ocean wave, making it hard to breathe! Cybercum chat online free uk. My shaft kicked and bucked between her tits and, I was so far up between them, the tip of my cock was almost rubbing against her cheek!

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She quickly opened her mouth, taking my cockhead inside her lips and, as she felt the first, monstrous gush fill her mouth, Heather exploded in her orgasm as well! Private webcam sex. We writhed and convulsed in our mutual orgasm for what seemed like forever, but in reality, only lasting a minute or so.

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She fondled my heavy but getting lighter, balls while I held her face down on my cock, even as I tried to drown her in semen.