Dating feed ru.

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Dating feed ru.

Michelle and I stand up and lean over the boys and kiss them as we straddle them.
We start rubbing our pussies against their cocks.
There cocks are already hard again.
God you gotta love young guys and their stamina. Sexy ladies bent over free pron videos 2018.
Mike takes his hand and starts rubbing my hard clit.
With his mouth he is sucking on my nipples going back and forth between the two.
I feel his cock getting wet from my pussy juices.

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I look over at Jeff and Michelle. Boyfriend girlfriend quizzes dating.
She is already riding his hard cock.
Just watching her fuck him makes me want to cum.
I take Mike’s cock in my hand and guide it into my pussy.
The feel of my pussy being spread wide open to accommodate his width is wonderful. Video porn sarah lafleur.
Mike grabs my hips and starts guiding my motions as he thrust his hips against me.

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I grab his shoulders and ride him for all I am worth.
“Fuck yeah baby, ride me, ride me.
” Mike says as I feel my orgasm growing. Teen cinquain poems.
I ride his cock up and down thinking of nothing but pleasing myself and when I feel his cum shooting deep in my pussy I explode with my own orgasm, my whole body shaking with pleasure.
As I lean against him I look over just in time to see Michelle throw her head back, “Oh god, oh yes!’ she cries out as her body quivers with her orgasm.

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Jeff thrusts inside her a few more times and then he cums as well.
We all lay there together for a few minutes catching our breath.
But before long the guys get up saying they have to get back to work.
“Brother I told you, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you came to work with me tonight. Hot massage for a naughty girl.
” Jeff says as they head out the door.