Drinks and romantic fun tonightltr next.

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Drinks and romantic fun tonightltr next.

I was still awfully wet from Peter’s huge load of semen he had blown into me earlier and it wasn’t long before it became a delicious, slippery mess, soaking our cunts and Peter’s cock.
Peter was loving it. Hazel mature model.
Purring like a satisfied kitten.
He had worked his left hand under Carla’s butt and his right under mine, taking some of the weight of our hips as we slid and squirmed our cunts up and down the length of his turgid shaft.

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How can I describe the sensation? The gorgeous soft cunt lips of a beautiful girl pressed against your own and the shaft of an incredibly hard erection sliding between them.
This is sheer filth. Asian mail order husband.
” Carla groaned in ecstasy.
Our giggles had been replaced by the glazed expression and the soft gasps and groans of heightening sexual urges.
Carla and I would alternate between long, slow, slippery strokes and hard, grinding pressure when we would pause with just the thick, swollen head of his cock between our lips and press ourselves together hard, the head of his cock completely enveloped in the folds of our vaginas.
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It happened suddenly.
Peter’s breath was whistling between his teeth and groaning with sheer pleasure when he suddenly gasped.
“Now! NOW!’ Carla and I had his hot pulsating head covered as we thrust our thighs together, our cunts like soft, wet mouths competing to eat him when he exploded. Katie price dildo.
Smothered by our lips, the force of his ejaculation was restricted.

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It burst out in warm gushes to soak and flood our already wet crevices.
Spurred on by his orgasm, Carla and I lost it.
We crushed and worked our wet, slippery cum soaked vaginas together harder and faster. Black and white sexmobile.
Peter’s cock had slipped out from under us as we concentrated on our own rapidly approaching climax.
His hands were still underneath us, supporting our weight as we clamped our thighs together, jerking and humping, cunt lips spread wide against each other, slipping and sliding in Peter’s semen and making exquisite little wet noises as we worked them together and then collapsed on top of Peter as we both climaxed violently.

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We lay there for several minutes, silently except for our labored, post orgasmic breathing.
Our hips lay heavily across Peter’s, our bodies at right angles to his, forming a naked cross of three bodies on Carla’s huge bed. Summit waves ponce.
We could feel his now, somewhat deflated, but still large cock, jerking occasionally underneath our butts.
Carla eventually broke the silence.

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“That was awesome.
Wherever did you come up with that one you depraved little slut?” Some time later, showered, and clean sheets on the bed, Carla and I were lying side by side, naked on the bed, holding hands and utterly exhausted, enjoying the feel of the cool fan on our bodies and listening to the tropical storm that had finally burst outside.