Free sex to night chat lines messages.

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Free sex to night chat lines messages.

I was close to coming myself.
I wondered if this conversation was ending.
But he started again.
“I do love that.
I want to fuck that asshole too.
I want you to cry and beg me not to hurt you.
But keep fucking me Daddy, keep fucking me.
” She was giggling again.
“Daddy is so good to me because I’m a bad slut whore who needs to suck your dick and balls and gobble them all up.

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” He replied.
“You are learning so well how you need to treat your lover.
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You’re so good at this.
” Her voice was young and enticing now.
“Yes, fuck my asshole.
See it needing you and winking open.
It wants you to push that big cock inside there and slam deep.
” I was more excited than ever now. Rough chat.
My cock was still filling my grip as I stroked and rubbed the head.
Her voice was even more sultry now.
“I have to have you.
I need you.
I have to take you and eat you up and make you mine.

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Lick you all over your balls and cock and asshole and make it mine.
” Her lover went on, “I love to push your face down into the carpet and start humping slowly down into that ass. Gracefulkaty free reg moms masterbateing web cam.
You’re moaning and needing more and more prick.
” Her voice started low and then became loud and begging.
“Pushing my ass back to take it deep and crying out not to hurt me Daddy but give me your cock, fuck your little one’s asshole, Daddy please fuck it hard, Daddy deep, Daddy please, Daddy fuck me fuck me.
” He was soothing her now.
“Good girl.

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Good little cunt.
My precious baby whore.
Oh fuck, I want you so badly right now.
I want to hear your voice calling out for me to use you.
” Jessica went on, “Daddy I love.