Read wife swapping stories.

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Read wife swapping stories.

I even had a chance to team-fuck four men with Kelsey in a motel room next to the truck stop, and we made a good team.
Those drivers really liked being with young and pretty girls like us, instead of some of the other whores working the trucks. Hot girls have sex in bar.
As the days and weeks passed, it seemed like more and more drivers were coming to the diner and asking to be seated in my section.

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During the third week of me being active fucking those truckers, Kelsey came to me with some interesting information. Sex chat through messages.
She said, “Tracy I’ve got to tell you something.
I think you know that I listen to certain CB channels all the time, and that’s how I make a lot of my connections with the drivers.
Well, lately I’ve heard a lot of chatter on the CB about this truck stop, this diner, and specifically your name.
” “Many of the drivers are talking about you and how pretty you are and how good the sex is with you, and especially sucking milk from your huge breasts.
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Of course, they have to choose their words carefully on the air, but that’s what they are really saying.
It’s almost like you’re famous now.
That helps explain the increase in customers wanting to sit in your area. Machine porn orgasm.
But while it’s good to have that kind of popularity, I think you still need to be careful.
It’s not really good for everyone to know what you’re doing here after work, since it is prostitution.

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” After Kelsey’s comments I started to pay more attention to the number of diner customers sitting in my area, and it was really embarrassing. Teen porn hairy butt.
Some of the other waitresses were just standing around and watching me work my ass off with all those customers.
And as you might expect, the diner manager, Lamont, noticed it as well.
One evening he asked me to stop by his office after my shift, so I had to reschedule some of my appointments with the truckers.

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Lamont is a handsome, tall black guy about fifty years old.
He has always been fair with me, so I didn’t think I was in trouble with him.
I knocked on his door and went into his private office, and he was sitting behind his desk shuffling some papers.