Senior dating truly totally.

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Senior dating truly totally.

He strokes it gently and she quivers beneath his touch.
“Such a pretty bottom as well, but I look forward to seeing it bounce and wriggle on my knee I think.
” She looks at the carpet, enjoying him stroking her. Luna lane screaming sybian orgasm.
I think this night might end up very pleasantly she thinks and wriggles a little at the thought, then Crack , taking her totally by surprise he brings the spatula hard down on her right bum cheek.

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“Owww” she squeals, struggling to get up and hold her bottom where it stings at the same time.
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But he holds her down forcefully, his knee going promptly over her leg and his hand holding her wrists firmly behind her back.
‘Oh no, you aren’t going anywhere ‘til you have learned this lesson properly’. Big ass tits and big legs teen fully nude.
‘But that hurt’ she protested, whimpering.
‘Yes, good, it was meant to, and so are the next couple of dozen.
Plus don’t forget you already earned a few extra for not bringing the spatula as I told you before we started.

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’ And with that he began to punish her bare behind, forcefully and rhythmically, one cheek and then the other until he had delivered 12 strokes.
She yelped with each one, trying and failing to shield herself but he held her firmly so she couldn’t do anything and was forced to lie helplessly across his knee taking her punishment. Teen model strip.
Each stroke felt harder than the last, her bottom stung and burned.

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She felt so vulnerable and exposed, and all she wanted to do was get up so it would stop but wriggle as she might she could only lie there and take it. No credit full free live sex video chat.
After 12 strokes she felt him stop and thought it had finished.
She relaxed a little as he started to gently stroke her sore burning bottom and down the back of her legs, it felt quite nice actually as he ran his hands up the inside of her thighs and she found herself responding to his touch, widening her legs a little more apart hoping he would find his way up to the top and touch her where, she realised, she really wanted him to touch as she felt suddenly wet and throbbing.

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Thinking was time to play now she tried to wriggle a bit towards him in encouragement but then he said gruffly, ‘yes keep your legs wide apart like that, and now we will carry on’, then when she heard him say ‘another 12 I think’ she could hardly believe her ears having been sure it had ended. Asian girls nude at the beach.
Immediately he resumed, but now it felt so much harder and more painful than before.

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Going from feeling totally aroused to being spanked once more was so weird but now all she could think of was her bottom and how her nerve endings were on fire and throbbing whilst at the same time feeling even more exposed than before.