Text for sex.

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Text for sex.

He’s got a very nice suit on, and his place is spotless.
A friend of his was supervising the kitchen while he picked me up and he takes off with big thumbs up to Walter.
“Your place is beautiful! So spacious. Tessa fowler pov.
You could fit six dorm rooms in here!” I joke, but it’s true, his apartment is not far from Lake Washington, and it has a dazzling view, plus tons of square footage.

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“Thanks, I can’t believe I got it at such a good deal.
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The guy who owns the building was renovating and ran out of cash.
I told him I’d take it, despite it being unfinished, and even help with the work in exchange for a better deal on it.
He offered it to me at 60% of what he would have asked, and I offered to take a three year lease at that rate, and he took it. Funny online dating openers.
With my help, it was done in three weeks, and I have a great place at bargain basement prices.
” “So you’re.

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good with your hands?” I ask with a coy smile.
” He’s holding a remote and he pushes a button and sound flows out of hidden speakers. Exchanged stolen looks over bulk food.
It’s Fred Astaire and “Cheek to Cheek”.
We’d danced to a different version of it two weeks before, but this is the original, the one I fell in love with as a little girl watching old movies on Saturday nights with Mom. Shut your fuckin face uncle fucker.

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He tosses the remote to the couch and takes me in his arms.
It IS heaven, and not only am I planning on having sex with the guy, I think I’m seriously falling in love with him.
Woohoo! We dance to several slow romantic ones, and we kiss and he bows to me.
“As much as I’d love to keep it up, my kitchen calls to me, I had a twenty minute window!” he says with a grin.
“Let the tunes continue, albeit at a lower volume.
” He grabs the remote and makes the adjustment.

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Dinner is incredible.
I compliment him on his skills and he explains that due to a broken leg he had to skip the two classes he needed to graduate.
He was able to catch them up in summer sessions, but with a four hour window between them, he was bored and took an offered cooking class that was close enough on the campus that it was still convenient.
“I graduated in September for my degree in engineering, but stayed in school at nights to take three more cooking classes.