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7677fedor7767 dirty texting webcam.

Kinky, to use his word.
So black it was: tight black shoes with heels so high I could hardly manage them, black wrist- and ankle-cuffs, a high black collar forcing me to hold my head proudly upright, a halter round my breasts with silver studs decorating the leather straps where they crossed. Hot firemen calendar.
Finally I hung a pretty pair of silver bells from the rings in my nipples.

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Should I wear a gag?
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I had a lovely one with straps over my forehead as well as round the back of my head.
No: I would invite Bob to gag me, but leave the decision to him. Hot anal fucking.
Probably he would prefer to leave me free to scream and beg for mercy.
Yes, it would enhance his reputation as a lover if the other hotel guests could hear me! The thought made me giggle pleasurably.
I walked back into the bedroom, teetering on my heels, holding the gag in one hand and letting its straps dangle behind me.

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Bob was awake, sitting naked on the bed.
He looked at me appreciatively and reached for me; but I avoided his hands and made for the beautiful white whip lying tangled on the table where he had left it. Ts aspen deepthroats his stiff cock.
I picked it up, coiled the slim lashes neatly, and presented it to him with a bow.
“Now?” he asked.
He sounded reluctant.
I hoped he was only pretending.

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“Now,” I said firmly.
“You promised.
” “Oh, all right. Nudist african girl suck cock cumshot.
How about coming in your mouth first?” “Whipping first,” I insisted, “Lots of whipping.
Then all the fucking you want.
” “Come with me, then,” he said, scrambling off the bed and taking my hand.
“Nice cuffs,” he added as he opened the door to our suite and led me onto the broad wooden veranda outside which overlooked the garden.