Adam clymer major league asshole comment.

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Adam clymer major league asshole comment.

The sting is gone now, and I’m starting to feel very good.
“Can you go a little bit harder? Maybe a little faster?” I whisper.
He answers with a chuckle and he picks up the pace.
He goes as deep as he can now, and my pussy feels full, but it’s a warm and wonderful feeling! Granny cum slurpers. He fucks me for a few minutes and then he holds me as we roll over and I’m on top! “See how you like being in charge of it!” he says with a smile.

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I gently ride him and I realize being in control is very. Ladies want to have some fun.
I try different angles, harder and softer thrusts and I arrive at a nice pace that makes me feel good and after a few seconds of that, I realize he’s thrusting as well! We go like that for another minute and without warning, I erupt into an orgasm and I yell it out! “OOOOOH!! Dating in ire. AAAAHHH!!!” He’s not bothered in the slightest as he flips us back over and he starts to really fuck me hard!
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He doesn’t last that long as he starts making grunting noises and then he slams into me very hard and holds me tight as he lets out a loud, almost growl as I realize he’s coming in me just as my second orgasm lets loose! Femdom real player. We both gasp as we ride out the pleasure, and then we slowly pull apart as he carefully holds the condom.
We’re both to winded to say anything as we just breathe deeply.

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We’re on our backs and as we eventually come down from our pleasure, he props himself up on his elbow and smiles at me.
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you were amazing.
” “Me?” I splutter.
“I just kind of was.
along for the ride!” He shakes his head.
“Yeah, right.
Like you didn’t ride me like a pogo stick when you were on top? That felt so good I was afraid I was going to come right there!” “Really?” I ask.

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” I smirk at that.
“Well, we deserve something for having to put up with you men.
You think you can just be sweet and kind and sexy and cook me a great meal and. Mature anal thumbnails.
make me love my first time and all that, well yeah, we should get multiple orgasms!” “I am glad you enjoyed it, you were very tight there, but I’m glad we got that all worked out.