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Datingtipsfromcandyland com.

he put her over his knee as he sat on the bed and spanked her bottom.
it was kind of fun really, she remembers pretending to squeal and wriggle and before she knew it they were in bed having really hot sex.
“You said you were sorry and you wouldn’t do it anymore. Nargiz1989 best free live sex sites.
But you haven’t learned your lesson at all have you?” “Ooh no sorry” she says.

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“You might have to teach me it again, I will try harder really.
” And she giggles as she walks towards the stairs.
“You’ll have to catch me first.
” ” No young lady, you are not going upstairs.
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Come back here please.
” She turns at his unusually cross sounding voice, perplexed.
” I said come here now.
” She walks back to the kitchen.
“Its OK you didn’t want to use the dishwasher love.
I know it’s more fun to go shopping. Tiffany roxxx porno.
But you have to learn that making sure the dishes are washed is your responsibility.
So, today to teach you that lesson the hard way, you are going to wash them up by hand, at the sink, whilst I have my drink in the lounge.
” ” Oh, but my nails will get ruined in the water!” she says aghast.
“I can’t, I’ll do it tomorrow I promise.
” It’s hard to be stern but he knows he has to carry this through.
“Yes you will wash up now at the sink, every plate and glass and piece of cutlery.

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Now, not tomorrow or the next day, right now.
And then my love, when you have finished, and only then, you will bring me this.
” He selects a wooden mixing spatula from the utensil drawer, “.
and I am going to give you the proper real spanking you deserve.
” Her tummy flips at those words; he doesn’t look as if he is joking. Pornstar asian suck cock and interracial.
There is no smile on his face.
“Don’t be silly she says, you can’t spank me with that, you won’t!” ” I can, and I will young lady.

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Don’t mess with me or think I am joking.
I am putting my foot down firmly. Small titties malay girl naked.
You have been allowed to be a spoiled brat for long enough and today is where I draw the line.
Now come here to the sink.
” She walks over slowly still confused.
“Run the hot tap and put the liquid in.
that’s right.
” She begins to follow the instructions and as she turns to do so he gives her two smart stinging taps on her pyjamaed backside.
“Owww” she squeals, affronted.
” That, young lady, is just to let you know what is to come later and give you something to think about as you complete the first part of your punishment.

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Now get on with it and bring me the spatula when you have finished, and just so you know, if you dawdle, it will be worse for you later.
” And on that he turned and left the kitchen with his glass and strode toward the lounge.