Drain joi.

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Drain joi.

A groan from the sub was heard.
When Alexis, walked to his side, she kicked at the foot restraint, loosening it.
Then repeated on the other side, as she walked back to the front of her sub and she turned him so that he was facing the Panel. Dating amor com ua.
His head was covered with a hood, but Sam definitely recognized him, and she smiled as she looked up at Paige.

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Paige gave her a playful wink, and returned her attention to the demonstration.
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The sub stood helpless. Teacher jerks student.
Around his average sized cock was a black and gold cock ring.
Alexis ran her fingernails over the top of his cock, and walked towards the Panel.
She looked directly at Sam, and brought her finger up and motioned for her to come to her. Fisting video post gay.
Sam looked up at Paige, who gave her approval.
Sam rose to her feet and stepped onto the basement floor.

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Alexis took her by the hand and led her to the male sub.
Alexis pulled Sam to her, and they kissed passionately. Dominant horny woman.
Alexis raised the hem of the skirt and turned Sam around so that everyone could see her bare pussy.
Then Alexis led her to the sub and turned her to face the Panel.
With one hand on Sam’s stomach and the other on her shoulder, Alexis adjusted Sam so that she was bent over at the waist.

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She lifted the skirt, and pushed Sam back onto the sub’s cock.
The sub and Sam moaned as his cock penetrated her wet pussy.
Alexis walked behind the sub again and on her tip toes whispered in his ear.
“If you cum before she does, you will regret it,” she told him. Teen window flashing.
Then she kissed his cheek, leaving a red lip print on the side of his face.
Alexis stood beside her sub, and again swung the whip making it fall across his bare ass.

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When the whip hit, the sub pushed his cock deep inside of Sam’s aching pussy. Thick girl big tits.
Alexis repeated over and over again.
With each slap of the whip the sub fucked Sam.
Alexis was using the whip controlling the sub like a puppet.
The faster she whipped the faster his hips moved and the harder he fucked Sam. Sexy women villaosende.
One of the three men brought a cushioned saw horse and placed in front of Sam.

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Sam braced herself on the saw horse as the sub drove his cock in and out of her.
She was soon moving with him, pushing her slick pussy against his hard cock. Thot hidden camera.
The subs ass was red and whelping up when Alexis heard Sam begin to moan louder.
She knew that her new friend was on the brink, so she continued to swing the whip.
The male sub was now moaning.
The pain coming from the whip was no match to the tight wetness around his cock was giving him.

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He was pulling against his arm restraints violently as he tried to hold back.
Sam was tossing her head back and forth.
Her auburn hair slinging in every direction, “I am Cumming,” she screamed as she gripped the saw horse and electricity shot through her body, sending a wave of her orgasmic cream over the subs cock. Tony_jon chatroulette girls para android online.
With one final shot, Alexis sent the whip across the sub’s ass and ordered him to finish.

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Sam’s orgasm had not subsided and she felt blasts of the sub’s cum shooting deep into her pussy.
Both Sam and the sub moaned in pure ecstasy as they shared their orgasm. Nude webcam video.
Suddenly Sam legs gave way and she fell limp on the floor.