Facial hair bleaching cream.

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Facial hair bleaching cream.

My wife Kim was called into work, so she was a no-show.
And of the three friends that Teresa said were coming over, only one, her roommate Kate, came.
My next-door neighbors also begged off at the last minute, so my expected party of eight turned into a party of three instead.
“Hey Jerry, want to make a bet on the game?” Teresa asked just before kickoff. Wetpleasure free milf sex videos.

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I gave her a wary glance.
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But knowing you I’m a bit suspicious.
” Teresa and Kate both laughed.
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it G-rated.
So, when your team loses, you have to cook something for me and Kate once a month for the next year.
” “Fair enough. Old black hairy shaved pussy mature.
And if my team wins, you have to come here once a month until next year’s game and make your mom and me dinner.
” “Deal,” she said confidently.
The game got off to a decent start even though no one scored in the first quarter, and the three of us greedily consumed the food and drinks and food.
“Hey Jerry,” Teresa said as the second quarter started.
“How brave are you?

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Haley wilde sex in the shower. Wanna make an addition to our bet?” “Hmmm.
Maybe,” I said, though I probably should have known better.
“What you got?” “First team to score, the loser has to flash the winner.
” Kate almost did a spit-take with her beer.
“Teresa!” “That’s not exactly a G-rated bet,” I said, shaking my head.
“So?! Meet horny women lagoa. If your guys score first I’ll show you my tits.
I know you want to see ‘em anyway.

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But when my guys score, you gotta show Kate and me what you’re giving to mom every Thursday night.
You guys get kinda loud sometimes, you know.
” “Excuse me?!” Teresa laughed and Kate turned bright red.
“This one’s between you guys,” Kate said.
“I’m not showing my tits to anyone.
” “I’ve already seen your girls, silly,” Teresa said. Audrebitonii gay porn chat without registration.
I should have said no right there, but Teresa did have a point.

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I really did want to see her boobs.
She was easily a 36 DD, and I’ve always liked big tits.
“Fine,” I said.
“But if your mom finds out we’re both dead meat!” Lucky for me about five minutes later my team scored to take the lead. Flirt dating site for chat.
Teresa screamed out “Nooo” and Kate started laughing.
I simply smiled.
Knowing I’d catch holy hell if her mom ever found out, I was fully prepared to let her back out of the bet.

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I’d have been disappointed, but oh well.
“Shit,” Teresa said. Rachel mcadams is dating.
But without saying anything else, she got off the couch and stood in front of where I was sitting, pulled off her t-shirt and bra and exposed her tits about a foot from my face.
It suddenly got very tight in my jeans as my cock started to spring to life.
“So here they are,” she said.
“Like what you see?” Hell yes, I did.

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Her boobs were nice and firm for their size, and she had these wonderful nipples that I watched get nice and firm as she pinched them.
If I dared I would have pulled her close to motorboat those babies for the rest of the game.
“I have to admit, those are amazing, Teresa. Art erotic photos.
But you know, I would have let it slide if you tried to back out of the bet.
” “But isn’t it more fun this way,” she said as our eyes locked, a little sexual tension filling the air.
“I can’t believe you did that,” Kate said, breaking Teresa and I out of our trance.
—– The score was tied at halftime, but the girls were ahead of me by one drink.