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Meet rich women online.

I wanted her.
Every square millimeter, every hole.
It was irrational.
But I had to have her, the thirst returning to contaminate parts of my psyche I thought I’d locked away.
Struggling to maintain my composure, knowing the delay would make our eventual union even more powerful, I forced myself to glide the iPhone down past her hand massaging each breast in turn. Bdsm_porn nasty chat rooms.

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Every curve and raised hair follicle was digitally recorded until I centered on the actions of her fingers over her panties.
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She was circling her clit and I could see a slender, darker oval forming on the surface near her fingertips, spreading towards the bed. Jennifer love hewit tuxedo boob slip.
Her gasps elevated a little and she sought the waistband, slithering beneath to continue the pleasure.
Tiny hip gyrations began to accompany her ministrations, genuine excitement registering as her eyes first found mine, then dipped to the obvious bulge and back.

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Imploring, perhaps the need in her as great as it was in me.
Keeping the camera as steady as I could, I unsnapped my jeans and wriggled in the chair to lower them, relieving the pressure.
My length tented the boxers and I traced it with my free hand before pulling the front elastic down to release the entire thing to her deepening gaze. Swf seeking women looking at cocks and hung fwb.

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Hooking the waistband below my full balls caused her actions to increase in intensity.
The dark spot grew.
I wondered what was going through her mind.
Hoped it was the same as mine.
Sensing she was close to the end, I panned the camera to capture everything I could. Taal grls japone sex.
The undulation of her cute belly, probably a holdover from childbirth.
The goose flesh.
The prominent nipples outlined beneath the hand insistently squeezing and rubbing her tits.

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The eyes fixed on my cock, with a faraway look in them as her head and body began to close in, focusing everything on the moment of release, mouth falling open. Fetish rubber slave costume.
The rise of her orgasm was a delight to witness until she bubbled over and came, gasping into the cheap room.
I could barely keep still but pulled the focus back, the lens capturing her full body in all its underwear-clad glory, stiff at first, then shuddering as the waves of orgasm pulsed, hand buried deep beneath her panty material.

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I knew I’d be visiting the video time and again in the privacy of my home, but there were more immediate needs to be tended.
The thirst was all-consuming, coiling, tightening, ready to snap.
Somehow I had the presence of mind to wait for her to stop quivering and begin to reanimate before shutting off the recording and stowing the phone. Non nude pictures of jessica lynn.

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Then I succumbed to my raging desires.
She barely had time to remove her hand before I was on my knees and took over with my mouth where her fingers had vacated.
Her surprise gave way to a moan of pleasure. Xianaduraan free live webcam porn sites.
She smelled fantastic through the soaked material.
Raw and earthy.
I peeled aside the sticky two-tone fabric and the full aroma hit me.
My tongue found home, her clit hard beneath it and I circled, kissed, nibbled and licked as she writhed.

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The bed bounced as she fell back and I continued to service her.