Pantie haul.

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Pantie haul.

His feet stuck outside while she held onto the sides of the doorframe, planting her feet in each corner.
He fingered her thong aside and ran his tongue over her slit and mound.
She made a sound like an animal awakening. Rockabilly dating.
Body syrup oozed and seeped from her slit as he kissed her pussy like another mouth.

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She hunkered and bent her knees, rocking and grinding against his mouth.

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Thick, lacquered lips arched into his face.
His hands were moving over the satin of her thighs, one finding its way back to her ass while the other sent a finger up inside her sheath. Vaneechka sexs skachat.
Then he trapped her clit under his mouth.
“Yes fuck do it yes fuck….
” The words dripped from her voice the way honey was dripping from her pussy.
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She held onto the frame and fucked his face.
Rode his finger. Hairy girls blowjob dick and facial.
Phony sitcom laughter filtered through the walls of someone’s apartment.
The walls of her sheath contracted in ripples around the steady pump of his finger while he sucked and lapped voraciously at her clit. Hot wet nude milf.
Moments later, she was hunkering even lower, settling on top of him.