Pee hole sez.

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Pee hole sez.

” “Really?” Donna said.
“What part of ‘Come fuck me from behind, Dave.
I love the feel of your cock inside me,’ indicates your wife is backing out?” “I wrote the line,” I grinned at her.
“Yeah, but she delivered it,” Donna said. Ffm bj pov.
“I thought it was very convincing.
” “Thank you,” Kayla said, laughing.
“So, are we going to watch the rest?” I asked.

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“Later,” Donna replied.
“Right now, I need to get laid.
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” “Really?” Dave asked.
“Really,” Donna told him. Granby fucks hot girl.
“I told you that thing was hot.
” She waved indiscriminately at the screen where the frozen image showed Dave’s cock lodged in my wife’s pussy.
“Tell me you don’t have a woody.
” “Well,” he grinned at her, nodding at the screen, “that does give me a couple of ideas. Tori black anal. Anal video.
” “Kayla,” Donna said, “would you mind if I borrowed your husband for a quick bang?” “I promise you a good pussy-eating if you let her,” Dave said to Kayla.

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“Go ahead,” Kayla said.
“After all this, it’s like we’re all married to each other, anyway. 36g boob bra video.
” That gave me an idea.
“Oh, wow!” I interjected.
“Next title: ‘Polyamory on Baxter Avenue.
’” Donna stood up and extended a hand to me.
“Come on,” she said.
“You can tell me all about it while I ride your cock to several well-deserved orgasms. Luci lu naked.
” I arose from my seat and took Donna’s hand as Kayla stood and began to shuck her shorts.

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“And I’ve never been one to turn down a good pussy-licking,” she told Dave.
“Do good,” I told Dave, “and she’ll let you have a piece of tail, too, I’d wager. Pleasure cruising the lower mississippi river.
” Kayla grinned.
“You know me too well,” she said to me.
“Why Baxter Avenue?” Donna asked as she dragged me toward the bedroom.