See older women reach orgasm.

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See older women reach orgasm.

I watched, idly stroking my cock, as Riley and her masterful tongue got to work.
Instantly Kate looked like she was back on cloud nine, this time with even more moaning.
I saw her grip Riley’s pony tail and shove her head deeper into her pussy, and I heard Riley purr in response. Bbw sex cams.
Riley’s head was moving back and forth and I could tell by the way her jaw moved that her tongue was in overdrive.

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Kate had gone back to massaging her tits, her legs now on Riley’s shoulders and clenching as she got eaten out. Four shemales outdoors.
I kept watching as Riley suddenly stopped with her tongue, instead using her fingers to trace around Kate’s pussy, never touching it, making Kate convulse.
Riley placed a gentle kiss on Kate’s labia, then stuck her tongue back inside of Kate, paying special attention to her clit.
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They kept up for another minute before I got antsy, my own orgasm begging to be released.
So I did what any sensible person would do, I smacked Riley’s ass again.
“Hurry up!” I said as she let out a scream into Kate’s pussy. Reverse gangbang teen anal.
Then I shoved my dick back inside of Riley and began to slowly fuck her, edging myself to build up cum.
I was in that state between sanity and near-orgasm, where your mind stops working and all you can feel is pleasure.

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Somehow I kept myself from cumming, but I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.
Watching Kate get eaten out had really sped up the process.
So I pulled back out, replacing my cock with my fingers, probing Riley once again. Montezuma sex chat request.
Time passed, who cares how long, when Kate’s moans suddenly changed, and I knew she was about to cum.
Her whole body tensed, and I felt the bed move as she convulsed in pleasure.

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I saw Kate suddenly move her hands back to Riley’s ponytail, and pull back just as she squirted, covering Riley’s face in her cum. Free sex in ahmedabad.
Riley closed her eyes and mouth, but a quick spank made her open her mouth just long enough for some of Kate’s cum to get in there.
Kate stopped squirting, but her orgasm lasted a few seconds longer, before she relaxed a bit and took a breath. Im 18 dating 30 year old.

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I grinned the whole time, as I always do when she cums.
Kate’s eyes met mine and she smiled, her eyes half closed, and nodded.
“Good girl,” I said to Riley.
“And you know what good girls get!” I finished, shoving my cock deep inside her as I did. Porno des nigerians.
Kate rolled over and moved away, giving Riley more room, which she took instantly, moving her hands under her as I fucked her doggy.
I saw the outline of her tits jiggle, and I felt her whole body tensing and untensing as she moaned her pleasure and I silently prayed I could hold out.