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I had not seen him since the day he left for R&R.
I had just returned from the Asha Valley.
I walked to the orderly room and talked to the company clerk to get the key to my room.
I then went to the mail room to get the mail for the guys in my unit. Alice_garrett adult video chat room only.
The mail guy gave me the mail and there was none for me.

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I asked him why I didn’t have any mail.
He told me the first sergeant had put my mail in my room.
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He said I had several packages and so he put them in my room so that the mail room would not be too crowded. Young naked spread wives.
I said ok and went to give the mail to the guys.
I went to my room and opened the door.
There were three packages on my bed the first two were from my mom and dad.
The third one had no writing on it, no address or stamps. New york dating experiment.
My name was not on the package.

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I put the ones from my family aside and opened the one with no writing on it.
To my shock and dismay, it was the clothes I had worn at the bar on R & R.
The dress that was my favorite was on top. Guatemala blog porn.
It was the one I wore at the bar the most.
There were several of the panties, bras, high heels I wore that week.
I found several new dresses in the box too.
I looked for a note or something but there was nothing in the box, but the clothes.

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I didn’t know what to think.
I locked up the box in my locker and sat there thinking of who knew about me and who could have gotten the clothes from the bar.
I was thinking it might have been my first sergeant but then I was not sure. Black dick gym.
He had gone on R & R and had just gotten back.
I was thinking maybe it was Ralph, who had put two and two together and he told my first sergeant about my sweet secret.

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I started to get worried but knew I couldn’t show it around the camp. Adult cam friends.
I decided to try and act as normal as I could.
I shaved my body in the room and went to take a shower.
I was getting ready to walk out of the shower and in walked the first sergeant.
I stopped to talk to him and asked him how his R&R was. Free amature interracial xxx pics.
He told me he had lots of fun and met very interesting people.

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He said you got a lot of care packages from your family.
I told him they sent me a lot of goodies.
Just before I walked out he said it is nice to get surprise packages. South newfane vermont mn dating com.
I turned to face him and said yes it is, he was sopping himself and was rubbing his crotch.
That is when I noticed that he didn’t have any hair on his body.
When I say he had no hair, that included his crotch and under arms, he was smooth all over.

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I walked out and went to my room.
I sat there for the longest time wondering what all this meant.
I took out the box of clothes and looked at them.
I wanted to put them on but wouldn’t put them on because I was scared, I would get caught dressed as a girl. Bangla nude girls gym.
You don’t know how bad I wanted to dress up.
The next day I want out on another mission and was out for three days.

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When I got back I met with the first sergeant and we talked about the mission.
He said that my squad was off for the next four days. 1 porn video hosting site.
I went to tell them that they were off for four days.
They could do whatever they wanted for the next four days.
They started talking about going to the village and getting drunk and laid.