Spy piss outdoor.

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Spy piss outdoor.

Her skin tasted of sweat.
As I enjoyed her body, my cock rubbed against her lower back.
Pre-cum leaked from the tip to mix with the sweat.
“God, yes, Nick,” she moaned as I pinched her erect nipples, rolling them slowly between thumbs and forefingers. Camillex chatroulette nude video.
“Like that, do you?” I hissed in Megan’s ear, “How about this?” I moved a hand down her torso and under her skirt.

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When I could feel my wife’s slit through the thin fabric of the thong, I massaged it vigorously.
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I pushed my finger, the fabric with it, into her.
Megan’s wetness soaked into the undergarment under my fingers.
My wife getting wet aroused me even more.
Pulling the thong aside, I penetrated her with a fingertip, then rubbed the juices on to her engorged clit. Talk woodward women xxx.
The touch of my finger on her aroused bud elicited a squeal of delight from Megan.

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“Down on the ground,” I finally growled into her ear.
Megan got down on all fours with thighs open and I knelt behind her. Cam girl xxx.
I was highly aroused and had no time for niceties.
Flipping my wife’s skirt up to expose her pussy, I pressed the head of my cock against the wet, pink opening and then ploughed into her.
Megan gasped at the rapid intrusion of my thick member into her body. Nacho vidal russian.

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I held my cock inside her for a moment or two, savouring the feeling of her soft, wet walls around it.
Then I pulled back and drove it in again.
A soft smack reached my ears as my body collided with Megan’s. Shanigold free live lesbians.
After that, I just went for it.
Holding my wife’s hips to steady her, I fucked her with fast, hard thrusts.
Megan’s tits swayed beneath her and her breath came in ragged gasps as I drove my rod home time and time again.

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My balls tightened and the tension in my loins swelled until, with a loud cry, I came inside my wife.
My body shuddered as my cock pulsed, filling Megan with my cream.
The climax lasted for what seemed like several minutes. Blow jobs dallas texas.
As it subsided, I pulled free and Megan flipped on to her back with legs spread wide to expose her freshly fucked pussy.
The white cream of my seed dribbled from within.

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“Eat me,” she said in a desperate voice. Guy cum swapping pics.
No further invitation was needed.
I got down between Megan’s heavy thighs and lapped at her dripping puss.
Our mingled flavours filled my mouth.
After exploring my wife’s slit thoroughly with my tongue, I began lapping at her engorged clit. Looking for frederick or mexican girls.
Megan had a rather large clitoris and playing with it was one of my favorite things to do.

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This time, though, I didn’t get to play for long.
Already highly aroused, my wife came fast and hard, making a noise that fell somewhere between a groan and a cry before going limp in the grass. Bribie island swinger to meet.
Crawling up over Megan, I kissed her long and hard.
She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we made out on the ground for a long time.
My cock was pressing against my wife’s pussy and Megan rubbed against me until she came to second, milder, climax.

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Finally, I rolled off of her and sat on the ground catching my breath.
Slipping my shorts completely off so that I was naked, I lay back in the grass.
“God, that was amazing,” Megan said after shedding her skirt and soiled thong.