Big eye womens sex heath.

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Big eye womens sex heath.

Wow! I automatically arch off the mattress in response to his sudden penetration of my wet hole.
He goes deep and curls his finger to caress my hot spot.
“Oh yes, right there,” I mutter, eyes wide open in delight. Phoenix erotic massage parlors.
I gently rock and roll my hips, keeping a rhythm with his probing, rubbing finger.
I squelch and he smiles.

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“Beautiful,” he says and slowly withdraws.
“I need a taste of that.
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” He kneels between my spread legs, sensually strokes my inner thighs and dips his head to my crotch. Justpleasurem online sex textchatting with girls without registration.
I feel his fingers tugging on the opening in my naughty panties and then… oh my God, his tongue laps along my pussy’s lips.
I hold my breath, sling my arms wide, grip the sheets, and close my eyes.
He laps and licks, pokes his tongue into my hole, flicks it over and around my bud, sucks, kisses and blows.

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Oh my! I raise my hips, I need his mouth hard on my mound.
I thrust at him and almost immediately my trembling thighs herald an impending orgasm.
He sucks my clit, strokes a finger inside, and that’s me done. Kayleeholly bbw free chat.
It’s not a dramatic climax, no cymbals clashing, bells ringing and lightning flashing.
But it’s a much-needed release, satisfying and soothing, like waves rippling onto the shore.

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Looking up, lips glistening and eyes twinkling, he grins. Datingtosingles com.
“That was excellent.
For starters.
” I relax into the mattress and place my hands on his shoulders, urging him to rise.
“Starters? You have something else in mind?” “Sure do,” he says, scrambling up and settling back onto his haunches. Working in covington looking for a friend more.
His throbbing erection points at me, the dome smeared with pre-cum.

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I lick my lips.
Oh my, I do so love his cock.
“But first, let’s take these off.
” He fingers the waist of my panties.
“They’ve done their job. Adult singles dating in birnamwood wisconsin wi..
Now I want to feel all of you, nothing between us, not even bits of lace.
” In seconds, my exotic panties and bra are off, discarded, tossed to the floor.
“Gorgeous,” he says as I settle back, open and eager to be taken.

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“Thank you,” I say.
“You’re not so bad yourself.
But I need you inside me.
Right now.
” I tap fingers on my naked mound.
“Come on.
” He shares my urgency, quickly moving into position above me, his cock nosing my slit. Destiny jordan pornstar.
He pushes.
“Yes,” he grunts.
“Yesss…” There’s no resistance from me.
His cock slides between my swollen petals, gliding on a thick film of hot, viscous juices.

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He penetrates deep.
Thrusts again.
The headboard beats against the wall – thump, thump, thump – the rhythm increasing as he fucks me hard. Maja-nki tamil sex chat girl.
Grunts join the thuds, both mine and his, interspersed with gasping breaths.
“You feel so good, so good,” I cry through snatched breaths.
Spasms tear through my body, driven by the friction of his pounding cock. Clit shaving pictures.

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The rhythm reaches a crescendo and I feel his body tense.
I’m ready to peak too.
Arms around him, I hug him close.
This time I’m ready for a tumultuous climax.
It doesn’t take long.
I feel the first wave of orgasm building and contract my pussy, squeezing his cock. Most erotic orientation.
Gloriously, he ejaculates.
Perfect timing! Superbly orchestrated, we experience that moment of ecstasy together – grunting, gasping and sighing, those wonderful, special sounds of shared, loving pleasure.