Carbon dating idiots.

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Carbon dating idiots.

I couldn’t fucking believe this.
And without a word, Jade stood up and pulled her t-shirt up.
I stood there looking at those amazing fucking boobs in her peach colored bra.
She unhooked her bra without a word and stood there topless in front of me. Women looking fourquevaux.
I moved towards her.
She stood there staring at me.

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I cupped her boobs.

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She gasped.
I looked at her, leaned down, and put one of her nipples in my mouth.
“Oh God,” Jade said. Tongue teasing cock.
I sucked.
“Oh God.
Oh God.
Please,” Jade said. Hotclara talk to girls on cam free no singh up.
I stood there, rock hard in my shorts, sucking on her nipple, cupping her amazing fucking boobs, and not believing a 17-year-old girl had a chest like that.