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Close to you?” She shook her head.
“I care about you, Dom.
I really do.
But I’m not.
not a placeholder, not someone you can go to when it’s convenient.
” “I never said that!” he snapped.
His gray eyes blazed with lightning.
“That’s the problem!” she returned, now angry herself.
“You never said anything!” x-x-x-x “Give my ticket to someone else.

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” Lani didn’t look up from her computer.
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She held the piece of paper out to Dee, who pointedly crossed her arms over her chest and refused to take it.
“You still care,” said Dee.
“So what?” said Lani.
“I don’t want to go.
” It will hurt too much, she thought.
“Yes, you do.
” Dee had given Lani some time and accepted her excuses for the past two home games.

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However, it had been about two weeks since Dom and Lani had had their fight, and Dee thought that was quite enough.
“You spent good money on those tickets; you can’t keep giving them away.
” “They’re mine,” Lani grumbled.
“I can do what I want with them.
” She felt every bit as petulant as she sounded.
“Have you given him a chance to apologize?” “He hasn’t tried.
” “Maybe you need to go to him.
” “I didn’t do anything wrong.
” “I know,” said Dee, more softly now.
“But maybe he needs to see you first.