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Free east berlin connecticut sex chat.

“Are we all set for our meeting?” He had used the collective “we”, but I knew he was asking if I was ready; there was little doubt that he had every detail memorized.
“Sure Louis, I’m good to go.
” We were meeting with a couple of investors that were looking to buy a small medical office plaza, one where Louis had been involved in signing up most of the current tenants.

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It was very preliminary, just a chance to meet and greet and get a feel for each other’s expectations.
The buyers were some people I’d worked with before and Louis was to be there to provide information about the property and the tenant mix. British ebony anal banged public rimming.
All very informal at this stage, but I knew that Louis would have everything in his mind in clear outline form.
Tonight need someone to hang with.

“Are you meeting with one of your attorney groups later on?” He looked at me oddly, as if wondering how I could possibly know that, if maybe I’d been tracking his schedule. Relaxxxtime sex vedio tamil.
“Yes, I am.
Ross Kacey Stone, PLLC, the law firm I put in that building over on Howard Street; they’re thinking of making an offer on the building instead of renewing their lease.