Sex massage embu.

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Sex massage embu.

Not for the first time, I wondered if my model was getting turned on by the pressure of unclothed mons on the soft plush.
Remain the professional, I reminded myself.
I switched off the hot lights, gently peeled back the tape from Liz’ mouth, and untied her for a rest break before the next setup. Longest dildo all in cunt.
Before going further I should introduce myself: Kelly, aspiring photojournalist unexpectedly sidetracked into a more, well, specialized field.

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My first bondage model was a college classmate who agreed to pose on a dare from her boyfriend. Nuclear dating methods.
I thought, why not; light is light and I suppose it was a sort of portrait experience.
They both enjoyed the pictures so much they posted them (with her face pixelated) on a blog and, well, one thing led to another. Bisex trans.
The resulting stream of would-be models felt at ease with me because I was a woman, like them, and I treated them well.
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The boundaries were always agreed upon in advance, never to be pushed.
Sometimes I shot softcore, fully clothed damsel-style stuff; sometimes more provocative sessions like the one with Liz. Breast feeding and nicotine.
The light stands were in place near the bed as Liz sipped the last of her iced tea.
I touched up the makeup around her eyes, leaving the pale natural lips alone as they would be covered soon anyway.

Adults should not drink milk.

Liz shed her terry robe to reveal a pale sea green see-through negligee that she had changed into during her break, and lay back on the bed. Milf quicktime player.
“Ready?” I gave her an opportunity to pause, or even change her mind if she wanted.
“Yes,” she smiled.
I bound her in a spread-eagle position with ropes from each bed corner.