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“Thank you Sir, I would be most grateful,” said Liz at this level of generosity.
And, with that, they parted, the night over.
Part Three CHRISTIANA Thank Christ the x-rays showed that my pelvic bone and my leg were now mended for I could now have this damned plaster cut off and I can scratch myself. Sexy farm girls playing with their wet pussys.

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That was the worst part of being in plaster to get an itch that you couldn’t scratch.
I’m sure I was to claw my skin to ribbons when it finally comes off.
I didn’t, but came close to it when they got the damned thing off and I was able to walk. Where are glory holes in rochester.
Well, stumble as I was helped along back to my bed after it was off.
I was most unsteady and they said that I would still have to stay for another day or so to be seen by the physiotherapist to get my legs working properly before being released.
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So I had another two days of baths and massages to get the muscles working properly again before they announced I was fit enough to leave.
I couldn’t wait to get out but I thanked them and wondered if the victims of the Inquisition had ever thanked those that had tortured them?