Soul men sex scene.

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Soul men sex scene.

I poke my tongue in him, pushing it toward his balls and using my nose even, to caress the entire area between the guy’s cheeks.
I use my left hand to hold his anus open, stretching it gently between my thumb and forefinger, and I press two fingers of my right hand into him. Hi ladies looking for friends.
He’s on his stomach, of course, so I drive my fingers downward inside of him while I wet him and spread him and while his cock grows hard again from the stimulation.

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Make him beg.
Reggie’s practically beside himself, one arm beneath him, jerking his meat while his head rests on the other, watching me under his body. Gallery.
“Fuck me,” he says, turning over onto his back, and I nod at him, assuring him I will.
“Suck me,” I answer, standing so he can lean over and take me in his mouth.
He stays lying down on the bed, spread out in front of me, and lowers his head over the edge of my tall bed to take my balls in his mouth one at a time, and he moves his hand, too, in the space between my leg and my groin.

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This stroke makes my testicles contract for some reason, and his face moving on them is hot, too, especially since I know what’s coming eventually – me.
I’m moving my hand on my erection and Reggie’s stroking his, too. Rules of new york dating.
Both of us are ridiculously hard by now, our cocks red and pulsing expectantly.
“Fuck me,” he repeats, and I turn the guy over to prep that ass.

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Prepare that ass.
This is certainly one of the high points of the evening for me, because Reggie’s on his knees, waiting for me, and I’m kneeling behind him running my stiff cock up and down in his crease. Shaved beef steak.
The head of my dick swells significantly when it comes into contact with his ass, but I bend forward and eat him a little more anyway, making sure he’s nice and wet how I like.
There’s lube available but we probably won’t need it, and I’ve got three fingers jammed up into him at this point, both my index fingers and the middle finger of my right hand.

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I’m pulling his cheeks apart and yanking on his anus sort of, too, and he’s saying, “More,” so I move my other middle finger into him and four fingers are wiggling in there, moving in and out, enticing him and readying him.