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I gripped her hips harder in an effort to slow her movements, but my touch only intensified her desires and she slammed her tight little pussy down around my dick with rapid abandon.
Secretly wishing that I had masturbated prior to coming to the party, I tensed the muscles in my pelvis and closed my eyes as I tried to restrain my rising climax. Leaked celebrity masturbation.

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The tight walls of her pussy massaged my cock and drooled fluid down my throbbing shaft as the movements of her writhing body attempted to coax the cum from my reluctant balls.
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“You’re not going to cum already are you?” Sonya asked in a tone that suggested she already knew the answer. Bondages shaved lick cock outdoor.
My face grew red as I held my breath and tried to prevent myself from spilling my load into her tempting hole.
Sonya however, only magnified her efforts by bobbing faster atop my tensing body.
Unable to withhold myself any longer, I let out a savage growl as I planted my feet into the bed and thrust my hips upwards, lifting her body into the air with my cock planted deep inside her.

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She purred in response, feeling the warmth of my spurting cum filling the inside of her pussy.
Even as I relaxed, Sonya resumed her rhythmic grinding, her cum-filled hole sliding up and down my wilting shaft. Blonde has multiple orgasms.
My fingers clutched the bed sheets and I clenched my teeth, the post-orgasmic sensitivity making the intense feeling almost intolerable.

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I finally let out a long breath as she climbed off my body and off the bed. Casual ladies for dating hyannis.
Fully expecting her to uncuff me I waited as she pulled her tight fitting dress down over her hips and straightened her hair.
Without looking back at me, Sonya then began to saunter back towards the doorway, leaving me bound and naked on the bed. Eiimakunatchi free bollywood sex.
“Hey,” I said with a surprised laugh.

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“Where are you going?” “Back to the party,” she said, looking back to cast me a fittingly devilish smile.
“I have guests to attend to.
” “What about me?” I called out as she slid the door open. Male sex eibition webcam.
“Don’t worry,” she assured, stepping outside.
“I’ll be back.
” I laid there stunned as I heard the glass door slide shut.
I was fully expecting Sonya to walk back in with a ‘just kidding,’ but as two minutes turned to ten, my expectations began to wane.

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In fact, it was about twenty minutes later when I finally heard the door slide open again.
I was actually feeling a bit irritated, until the whimsical sound of giggling rose my spirits and I turned my head to see Kacey following Sonya into the pool house, carrying a bottle of champagne in her hand. How to hide sex toys.
As the two fully clothed young women strolled towards me, I felt even more exposed, blushing as I lifted a leg to partially hide my flaccid cock.