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Viktoriarull porns vdios.

Kate excused herself to go to the bathroom, and apparently the beer was making Teresa feel a bit more daring.
The fact her team scored next must have emboldened her.
“Wanna up the stakes?” Teresa asked.
“Make it a little more interesting? Porngif legendofzelda prenses zelda. But if you refuse, I automatically win, just like using the doubling cube in backgammon.

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” “Feeling confident that measly lead is going to hold, eh?
I love u and miss you m h.

What’s your bet?” “R-rated this time.
On top of our original bet, when my team wins you have to get naked in front of me and Kate for two, no, make it three hours.
” “Oh come on,” I said.
“I can’t do that. Halle berry breasts porn.
Besides, if your mom ever found out I’d be sleeping on the couch for months.
” “Then I win by default.
” I looked at her mischievous smile and wondered what kind of trouble this could cause.

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Thinking back to the sight of her tits so close to me, I gave in.
“OK, Bet. Emp porn videos.
And the same goes for you.
You have to get naked for me.
Not Kate, just you.
” “Not me what,” Kate said as she walked back into the living room.
“Nothing,” Teresa said.
“Just making another bet.
A lot more interesting.
” I poured myself a shot. Free young teenage bubble ass.
Both games, the one on TV and the one between Teresa and I, definitely got a lot more interesting.

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Though I had occasionally wondered what she looked like naked, I never really thought of her in an uninhibited sexual way. Recycling catheter bondage.
Until now that is.
I’ll definitely be jerking off to the memory of those tits for years to come.
—– We’d each had another beer.
Her team scored again, then my team scored twice, giving me the upper hand near the end of the game. Secy naked college chicks.

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Of course I didn’t really expect Teresa to follow through when she lost, but it didn’t seem like a bad idea to goad her a little.
Must have been the alcohol in me talking.
“I gotta say I’m liking the way this is going down, Teresa. Best of play boy s girls.
Just a few minutes left to play and my guys are ahead.
Ready to pay off?” I gave her a big, shit-eating grin.
Are you ready to raise the stakes?” “What now?” I asked.

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I wasn’t sure I wanted to know, but I was curious to hear what she had in mind.
“Along with the dinners, when I win, you have to get naked and jerk off for us. X pack escort.
Oh yeah, and you have to eat out Kate.
” “What?!?” Kate and I both shouted in unison.
Teresa howled with laughter.
“Bitch! How’d I get involved in this?” Kate said, glaring at Teresa.
“Shut up.
You’ll like it when we win.
” Teresa looked at me.
“So?” I wasn’t sure what to do.

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Backing down and hoping I wouldn’t have to strip was the smart move, but my team was ahead and the alcohol was making me feel brave.
I had to come up with something that would make her back down, so I went for the extreme and looked her straight in the eyes.
“If my team wins, and they’re ahead by the way if you look at the score, then you have to come here at least once a month for the next year, get naked.
” I paused for a dramatic effect.

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and give me the best blow job ever.
” “Holy shit,” Kate gasped.
“And if you refuse, then I win by default.
That was your rule, right?!” I smiled big, confident that she’d back down.
Teresa didn’t say anything for a moment.