Community friends and dating site.

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Community friends and dating site.

But, watching means just that, watching.
The only person touching my baby girl tonight from this moment forward will be me.
Other than that, you are free to do whatever pleases you.
” He gripped my ass and I felt his fingers trace the wet tracks of pussy juice.
I moaned and pressed my pussy closer to his fingers.
He pulled away with a small chuckle.
“In fact I think my princess would be very pleased if you would stay.
” He grabbed my ass and gave me a quick light slap. Info erotic contortionists.
I was so highly sensitized that I cried out even though there was no pain, just delicious sensation.

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I was trembling, waiting to see what would happen next.
I heard footsteps cross the room then the creak of a chair.
Evidently, Cass had chosen to stay.
Oh my God! A familiar, heavy hand smoothed over my back.
“Darling, how do you feel? Are you comfortable?” All the while, he was smoothing my back with an oil-slicked hand.

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I nodded, the touch of his skin against mine making me burn.
I wiggled restlessly against his hand.
My shiny oil-slicked ass was lightly bucking in the air.
I needed him.
And the fact that Cass was there watching us made me drench the smooth cushion underneath me.
I felt Daddy separate my ass cheeks and run his fingers up and down my drenched slit.
“Good girl, baby.

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You’re always so flooded for Daddy.
” His long fingers played with me, lightly rubbing my clit and softly brushing back and forth over my pussy. Best dating description.
I gave a loan moan, “Pleeeease, Daddy.
I need, ohhh, I, I need.
” Desperately I pushed back against his fingers, increasing the pressure of his skilled digits against my wet, swollen flesh.
“Tell me what you need baby girl.
Tell me.
” He stroked me harder and shallowly started fucking me.

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He rubbed my oiled ass and I could hear his voice change, “Tell me Katie.
What do you need? You have to tell me.
” “Oh God, Daddy. Baptism of erotic massage group video.
” gasping I struggled to speak.
“I, Oh God.
I need to cum.
” I was so close but I needed him to tell me.
Needed to burst into a million pieces as his finger relentlessly stroked my greedy pussy, over and over, and over; my hips pushing back into him again and again as he effortlessly stroked me to orgasm.
“Good girl.

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