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Claire whistled in excitement and then added, “Well I’ll be damned!” Now it was Claire who wouldn’t drop the issue, she looked sideways at her friend again and said; “Well, well, I surely love huge cocks, and from what you just told me, I guess I’ll just have to find out for myself won’t I?” “Yeah, I guess, but please keep this between us, ok.
” Stephanie cautioned.
“Sure thing girl, Ssh!!” Claire gestures with finger across her lips. Old man fuking girls images.
As they finished powdering their noses and left, the toilet flushed in one of the stalls, and out came Jessica, 30-year old red head, and office supervisor.

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Jess cocked her head and turned the information she just heard over in her mind, then as a plan of action formed in her freaky mind.
she broke out in a wide smile, and then laughed with joy at her luck.
Jess had a magnificent, curly auburn hair and big brown eyes. Free kinky hardcore teen pics.

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At 5feet 8inches tall, her sexy thighs and hot legs were well conditioned and strong.
She was a sexy woman by any standards.
It was common knowledge in the office that she was a slut.
It was also known in certain circles that she was bisexual in orientation.
Being the office supervisor however has made it necessary for her to act the lovable bitch more often than not, so a lot is whispered behind her back than is said to her face.

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Claire spent the weekend planning her gambit, knowing how smart Jim was, she knew her plan had to be simple and innocent and completely believable.
First, she decided she had to verify the size of his ‘package’.
Then she had to seduce him, which shouldn’t be too hard, considering he had already asked her out before.

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It was 6 p.
on Thursday and everyone else was gone for the day, but as usual, Jim was working late. Sexiukea25 teenagers live webcam pornos.
Claire knew her timing had to be right, so after making sure that he knew she was still around, she gave him another half hour, by which time he would have finished whatever he was doing.
At 6.
30 p.
, she went by his office and asked him if he was going to be here much longer, as she was thinking of leaving right away.

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