Ladies naked self shots.

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Ladies naked self shots.

I collapsed into a puddle of my juices and potent sperm, panting hard and feeling absolutely ruined.
I drifted in dazed consciousness for a moment.
Surely Brit’s cock could rival Aaron Black’s, and if not the team might still count for something.
Fifty-five inches! Suddenly I remembered the tape measure in my drawer, my eyes shot open and I pulled it out, only to find I was alone in the office? Had it all been a dream? Dating services new svetlogorsk. No, the throbbing in my cunt and the huge dripping rivers of virile seed coming off the side of my desk were proof of that.

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Damnit! Something told me I would never see them again, and who knows what Aaron Black would do to me for coming so close, and still missing the mark….
Friday night had arrived and as usual, I was at the sex club early to assume duties as a greeter for any first-time visitors.
Quickly, I changed into black latex shorts and a pair of black boots ready for the night to begin. Free teen web camxxx.
After setting up the equipment in the dungeon I returned to the bar waiting for the guests to arrive.
Slowly the room began to fill with the usual mix of friendly faces.

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By now I was well known to the clientele and almost everyone greeted me with a hug, handshake or kiss.
As 11 pm came and went the crowd grew larger and louder in anticipation for the grand opening of the downstairs play space.
Just as I was about to leave the bar and venture down those inviting steps, the house mistress approached with two new faces. Female surgeons bdsm.
First-timers always stand out, whether they want to or not.
And these two girls were no different.
Despite being sexily dressed in short black skirts with matching heels, their outfits were nowhere near as revealing or decadent as most.

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Plus they had no idea where to look.
Was it OK to stare at the exposed flesh? What about the people in gimp masks? Their wide-eyed amazement amused me.
Leading them over Mistress Chloe introduced them: “Jon, this is Leah and this is Anna. Naked ebony milf pics.
It’s their first time here.
Get them a drink, show them around, answer any questions they might have.
And of course… make sure they have a good time.
” “Yes, Mistress,” I replied as Chloe turned on her heels and disappeared into the throng.
Getting the girls their requested rum and cokes I introduced myself and set about getting to know them and introducing them to the club.

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“So, this is obviously your first time here, but have either of you ever been to anywhere like this?” I asked. Sex slut in geneina.
Shyly, they both shook their heads.
“No problem.
Just try and relax.
Everyone is really nice and friendly — there’s nothing to be worried about.
Now tell me, are you two together? Or just here together?” “Oh no, we’re not together — we’re straight.
We just…” Anna quickly stated.
“I get it, you wanted someone to come with — so you weren’t on your own.
Makes perfect sense,” I reassured them, as both girls smiled at me.

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“Are you two into anything specific? Or just exploring? Is there anything, in particular, you’re looking for?” “I don’t really know,” Anna replied, “I’d just heard of this place and wanted to check it out.

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