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At this moment, Donald feels himself at an apex.
All thanks to Emma and how well she comprehends what he desires and needs.
The moment Emma spreads her legs and sits up so he can now finally enter her starts a whirlwind stirring through Donald.
His brain is on overload from all the different feelings and sensations he is experiencing for the first time.
His body is shaking with the joy of being up in Emma’s warm, sweet vag cave. Spit snot fetish.
Her sides throbbing against his shaft already.
The sensitivity of his bare, unadorned, balls rubbing against Emma’s ass as she slides on him send tremors through Donald.

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And Emma feeling the soft, silkiness of them now against her causes much the same to run through her body.
His wonderful mistress is as ready for a full and extreme release.
As Donald begins to lift up into her deeply, then moves back to thrust up again he knows Emma has something much more planned for him today, and he doesn’t care what it is, do with him as she likes, he is her devoted and obedient slave.

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It is not long with this building up desire in both of them before an explosion of pleasure hits them both so hard.
All of Donald’s cum is filling Emma’s vag, mixing with the flow of her juices running out of her.
Between them, there is a sticky mess of sexual satisfaction dripping in both their sheen crotches.

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Donald scurries to roll Emma on her back and begins to lick her clean.
Getting all his cum and her joy juice on his tongue, swallowing it all. Naked girls in drumheller alberta wa.
He knows he is still a sticky mess and when he has cleaned Emma well he hurries to get a warm damp cloth to finish cleaning her.
Only then does he use the cloth to clean the drippings from himself.

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Emma sits up some and takes the cloth from him, her gloves now discarded, for the time being at least, and wipes him of all evidence of their recent copulation.
She sits back on the bed, spreads her legs and has Donald sit between her thighs. Lukaszek2016 chat to girls no sign up.
She picks of the stockings and puts them on Donald, taking her time to pull the silk legs up over his waxed legs so he gets the optimal experience of feeling them against his now smooth legs.