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After all, this is no place to be caught alone with a dangerous man.
” To my surprise though, she just laughed.
“I don’t think you’re dangerous.
In fact, I’m beginning to doubt you’d have the guts to try anything at all.
” She hopped off of the dryer and stood just inches away, holding my gaze in her dark eyes.
Even in the semi-darkness I could easily see how beautiful she was.
Despite her high heeled boots, she didn’t top five foot six, and based on the youthful fluidity of her movements, I guessed she was in her late twenties.

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It was like she was challenging me, daring me to try something.
I straightened to my full six foot height, staring down at her as menacingly as I could manage.
“That’s a hell of an assumption, little girl.
A pretty little thing like you ought to know better than to tease a man like this.
” I reached over and tilted the blinds up a bit, as if I were blocking the view from outside.
The room fell into shrouded darkness again, but by now my eyes had adjusted, and I could still make out the delicate features of her face.

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As she turned and watched me adjust the blinds, I saw a line of small, leopard spot tattoos circling around from the back of her ear and then plunging down her neck, only to disappear under her top.
“I love your tattoos.
How far down do they go?” I had a strong urge to intimidate her, and I was aware of how she would feel about me making such an intimate observation about her in a moment like this.
The sexual tension was becoming thick around us, and I was sure that she felt it too.

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She looked at my chest and then let her eyes travel up and down my body as if she were appraising me.
When she looked up to my face, she smiled brazenly.
“If you have to ask, you’re still not getting it.
Maybe you aren’t ready yet.
” She shook her head slightly, as if she was disappointed and tried to slip by me.
A sharp burst of real anger flashed in my mind lightning! She started this game, haunting and teasing me for weeks, and now, after finally catching her, I wasn’t about to just let her go without some kind of explanation.

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As she passed, I reached out and took her by the arm, just above the elbow.
“Oh no you don’t! You started this game and now you just want to leave? What if I’m not ready to let you go yet?” It was a completely instinctual move, but by then she had really gotten under my skin and there was no way I was going to let her get away from me.
Not without an explanation anyway.
I saw her eyes flash wildly in surprise and an unmistakable look of excitement crossed her pretty face.
“Wow, maybe you are ready.
” She looked down at her arm where I held her, but made no effort break free of my grip.
“So, now that you’ve caught me, what happens next?” I would have expected her to be fearful or even angry at my action and I could have dealt with that, but her eerie calmness seemed more like a challenge.

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It was as if she were actually daring me to go farther! I was caught completely off guard and said nothing for a moment as I wondered what the hell she was thinking.

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