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Adult chatting free for women.

The inspection is meant to get all this out so you can focus during you punishment and learn your lesson.
” Pressing a button he says, “Michael come to the Pastor’s office and bring Mark she is almost ready” Sheila blushes in embarrassment as they enter the room.
The Deacon says, “She is ready to cum but she is holding back.
Let’s turn her on her side.
Michael stand behind her head and grab and pinch those tits good and hard. Big pueto rican ass.
Mark I’m going to stand to one side and play with her pussy and clit.

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You are going to spank her ass.
Sheila we are going to keep this up until you cum.
No talking young lady all I want to hear is you crying and Cumming.
Gentlemen let’s begin.
” Sheila sobs as the men took their positions and began the task of making her cum.
The assault on her tits and smacks to her ass were more than she could bare.
“Unnggghh,” she cries as the ginger is pushed inward with each smack and the burning sensation spreads. Chatting with women without a crediticard.
The Deacon thrusts his hands in, out, and over her clit and pussy watching her buck around on the table unable to escape the six hands that are ravaging her body.

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“Ohhh … God ….
Unnngghhhhh … Ohhh.
,” Sheila sobbed as the orgasm shakes her entire body.
Soon the only sounds in the room are the little sobs and gasps she makes in the aftermath of the orgasm.
Smack! Smack! Smack! Mark applied three hard swats to her right cheek. Yujniyparen19 live teen video sex chat.
Smack! Smack! Smack! He switches and hits the left buttocks hard and fast.
“You were told not to speak.
Do you think “Oh” and “God” aren’t words?” He lectures punctuating each word with another swat.
He watches and listens knowing the ginger is still firmly planted in her bottom and the burn of it and sting of the spanks have renewed Sheila’s bucking and crying.

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Then grabbing the paddle and smacking her thighs and cheeks with renewed vigor he lectures. Biggest best boob.
“Get your behind down to Michael’s office and over his desk for today’s discipline spanking session.
” Nearly tripping as she ran Sheila made it to Michael’s office just as he was taking the crop from the closet.
Mark, took the crop and began smacking it soundly back and forth between her legs.
Sheila is panting unable to move as he works her over moving back and forth over and between each of her cheeks until her sobs fill the office.

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Sheila gasps in relief hoping beyond hope he is done and the session is over.
“You know that little paddling in the Pastor’s office doesn’t count.
That was your punishment for talking when you were told not to speak during inspections.
Your discipline session has barely begun you still have a round of the paddle and hairbrush coming.
” Then grabbing the paddle and smacking her thighs and cheeks with renewed vigor he punctuates every word with a swing of the paddle bringing a fresh round of 45 swats to her ass as he lectures.

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“You are going to learn.
Soon you won’t be able to hold back.
These training sessions are designed to teach you to submit to our authority without hesitance.
Each and every smack of the paddle teaches you to cry, sob, cum, and follow every direction immediately.

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